Startup Weekend is coming to San Jose!

Startup Weekend is an intense 54 hour event which focuses on building a web or mobile application which could form the basis of a credible business over the course of a weekend. The weekend brings together people with different skillsets - primarily software developers, graphics designers and business people - to build applications and develop a commercial case around them.

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View SWSJ Pitches Online!

Did you miss out on SWSJ or want to see the pitches again?  We have the pitches available online thanks to TECHBA2.

Thanks to Jorge, we were able to not only capture the pitches, but the reactions of the judges regarding some of the more entertaining pitches that came out of SWSJ this year. I have a feeling a lot of the folks didn’t realize that this was being livestreamed, so the experience is authentically us.  Catch 16 teams presenting, and also the funny conversations and photo poses after the event finished. Check it out below via USTREAM:

For all the participants:

I want to have everyone take a survey to gain some feedback, and keep in touch, so in behalf of the organizers, please join the SWSJ Facebook Alumni group.

Also, feel free to  add me on Linkedin, just put SWSJ in the message or header of your request, in case I do not recognize your name.

Thanks again from me and the rest of the team.
Cheers: Naureen

So what happened…

The madness began on Friday 27th January when over 115 people gathered at TIE convention center located in San Jose Santa Clara, CA. Many attendees completely unaware of what would transpire over the next 54 hours.  However, there were also seasoned Startup Weekend vets sprinkled into the fold. Everyone huddled around and ate the flavorsome pizza from Tasty Subs while trying to figure out who is who and what is going on.

César Salazar formally jumpstarted SW calling the attendees to their seats and outlined the flow, expectations and what to takeaways from this weekend. Setting the stage for David Weekly who electrified the audience with his energy and enthusiasm. Leaving us with this classic “Starting a startup is like having a baby but, knowing it will probably die.” Which seamlessly transitioned into fire pitches- 1 minute for individuals to pitch their startup ideas for companies they’ve dreamed about for ages or just came up with in the moment.

In total there were 60 pitches all vying for votes from their peers which resulted in the formation of 17 teams. Who rocked great demos that can be seen online.

But there can only be one winner. Congratulations to the My St Fair (pitch starts at 17:53) A 3 member team led by Ijeoma Nelson by way of London, Dez Udezue from Washington and Michael Kendrick of San Francisco, who proved that pitching pennies truly matters. They aim to create a web and mobile applications that will allow shoppers to handpick clothing, name purchase price and receive notification via email or sms when the price drops to shoppers desired levels.

A close second went to Scott Sambucci and Andrew Nguyen of Salesqualia. No more excuses for sales people. Salesqualia offers real time sales analytics for sales managers to monitor and track performance.

Factual issued a prize of $500 in Amazon gift cards and free use of their Factual Accelerated API to led by Alex Conrad and his amazing team which will shake up the pager notifications at restaurant.

The winner of the coveted Blackberry Playbooks went to ActionCreations spearheaded by Demian Borbe and Douglas Saisho. These gents created not 1, not 2, but 3 apps that work simultaneously to give race car drivers and pit crews real time analytics to make changes to adapt driving on the fly.

On behalf of Nora, Tristan, Darius, and Joseph. Thanks again for making this a wonderful event and pictures will be posted soon.


Joseph Okafor


Thank You

As the final minutes draw nigh on the 54 hours of “controlled chaos” which has appropriately been dubbed Startup Weekend. I wanted to take a moment to show appreciation to you- the attendees. Who have validated our assumptions that time spent organizing this event by Tristan, Darius, Nora and myself was well spent. Oh let’s not forget the sponsors who camped out and were in the trenches with us throughout the weekend: Larry from Blackberry, Brandon SendGrid, Song from Tokbox, John of Factual, and Katie of Luxor.

Looking forward you guys rocking the pitches and they are also available online.


Joseph Okafor

#swsj Final Presentations are starting soon!

We’ll be streaming the presentations live starting at 6 pm here:

Here’s the brief run down of the companies in no particular order:

(Note: This list be updated as we get more information from the teams.)


Seller-focused process automation and order handling for online marketplaces

  • Jorge
  • Libin
  • Jack
  • Austin
  • Mike
  • John
  • Ben
  • Anil
  • Dhwani
  • Sergio
  • Japjot
  • Tommy

Trambo -

Trambo is a platform for creating engaging personal phone adventures, taking audio tours out of the museum and on to your mobile.

Trambo is the mobile “Not for Tourist” guide for the underground tourism scene, an “Etsy” for travel. Tours are generated by users in the marketplace: local tour guides, experts, and passionate city natives. Forgo the rigid structure and high price of formal tour operator and have the freedom to explore local tourist sites, learn interesting historical facts, discover hidden gems, and experience the city like a native. Create and participate in adventure games with friends, take off-the-beaten path tours, and enjoy local food, drink, and shopping from participating local businesses. Tour operators, go beyond your capacity and share your knowledge with Trambo in exchange for additional revenue and exposure for your tour business. With Trambo, you can use your mobile phone to localize and enrich your tourist experience and leave any city with unique memories to last a lifetime.


Predictive Analytics to Improve Sales Performance. 

SalesQualia provides immediate performance metrics on sales call quality. Sales figures are a lagging indicator of sales rep performance. For enterprise and long-cycle sales, it takes months for a manager to determine if a sales rep is performing well. Using text analytics and data mining technology, SalesQualia provides daily reporting tools on sales call quality, including prospect engagement metrics, questioning strategies, and competitive analysis.

Action Creations

Telemetry racing product called Action Meter

  • Demian Borba
  • Douglas Saisho

Fishbowl -

  • @fishbowl_me

Network Smartly

Fishbowl is a tool for professional networkers to be able to network more effectively. This solution will streamline most painful pre-event, at-the-event and after-the-event activities and enable the users to make the best use of their time at the event.

We shall be doing trials by the end of February and would love to talk to networkers and event organizers to get a better feel of the pulse.

Troll Blocker

It’s ok to say, “I don’t like”

  • Brett Hardin
  • Chien Chang
  • Devang Patel
  • Finbarr Taylor
  • Alex Pinter

Nightingale Rx

Multiple medications made easy

  • Mary Sorber
  • Abhijit Solanki
  • Cliff Hurst
  • Diderik van Wirgerden

Real time chat about hashtags

  • James Chang
  • Zack Parker
  • Eyal Fishler
  • Devin Rhode
  • Shane Heath
  • Robbie Iannucci
  • Jayaram Prebtw Duvairaj
  • Sebastian Enderlein
  • Marco Helmich

Strategic CSR / Hello little future -

  • @strategic_csr

Connecting: Research, Business, Projects and People > CSR Magazine (Hello little future) > Strategic CSR consultancy

  • Karin Nordstrom

  • Alex Conrad

Simple Reviews

Simple Prolean reviews with aggregates of other review sites.

  • Abraham Antigua – @abeant
  • Ayori Selassie – @iayori



Gold Bricks

My St Fair

  • Ijeoma Nelson
  • Dez Udezue
  • Michael Kendrick


Tristan • Lean Startup & Customer Development

Creating a Company with Theodore Kitch

As another special prize for the winners of StartupWeekend San Jose, Theodore Kitch will help them incorporate and form an operating agreement with 4 hours of free legal work!

Theodore Kinch is a bay area attorney who helps entrepreneurs start and build their businesses. Mr. Kinch has guided clients through a wide variety of issues including founders’ agreements, entity selection and incorporation, stock issuances and assignments, independent contractor and employment agreements, and corporate tax issues.  Building sound businesses and lasting professional relationships is what Mr. Kinch strives to do with each one of his clients.  You can visit his web page at and read client reviews about him on Yelp.

Mr. Kinch attended Golden Gate School of Law where he received his Juris Doctorate with a focus on litigation and business law. While in law school Mr. Kinch was selected for Golden Gate’s mock trial team, competing in several tournaments and finishing as a semifinalist in the National Mock Trial Competition.  He received his BA in Philosophy and Political Science from the George Washington University.  In his spare time he enjoys tinkering with electronics and teaching mock trial at his Alma Mater.

Tristan • Lean Startup & Customer Development

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