Congrats to StartupWeekend San Jose Winners – BeScrappy


There can be only one!

All the teams at StartupWeekend San Jose were amazing in their boundless energy and good vibes. They helped each other out and weren’t afraid to brainstorm with their competitors to try new ideas.

I eavesdropped (insofar as a 6’4″ unstealthy non-ninja can eavesdrop) on the judges deliberations and it was a pretty intense debate. In the end it came down to two.

The winner?

Be Scrappy


Twitter: @bescrappy

BeScrappy is a peer-to-peer rental website for home improvement tools.  We connect people who have tools with people who need tools.  Through local lending you would be gaining access to a variety of tools for projects, meeting people in your community with project expertise and reducing cost on home improvement projects. BeScrappy’s mission is to create a lending community in every neighborhood.

Team Members:

  • Priya Sheth
  • Lawrence Norton
  • Gilbert Lee
  • Raghav Badiger
  • Subraya Mallya

From my perspective, BeScrappy came out of nowhere to win this. They were very quiet all weekend, working with purpose and determination. Then when I saw their presentation it was clear that they were a potential disruptor of mega-hardware stores like Home Depot. So say congrats to BeScrappy!

The runner up was early favorite to win, ShoutaTweet:

Shout a Tweet


Twitter: @shoutatweet


Improve your message awareness and relevance by coordinating your supporters to tweet the same message at the same time. In the process you will increase your number of followers and get all the analytics. Get the world to notice!

Team members:

  • Arturo Garrido
  • Santiago Zavala
  • Joaquin Martinez
  • Wee Yen
  • Victor Reyes
  • Hernán Aracena
  • David Andujo
  • SoonKhen OwYong

ShoutaTweet launched their first prototype 14 hours after forming their team and was able to demonstrate some early traction with a few hundred users, a story on HackerNews, and even a couple who pledged to marry via ShoutaTweet. So say congrats to ShoutaTweet!

Tristan • Lean Startup & Customer Development