#swsj Final Presentations are starting soon!


We’ll be streaming the presentations live starting at 6 pm here: http://ustre.am/Hbsj

Here’s the brief run down of the companies in no particular order:

(Note: This list be updated as we get more information from the teams.)


Seller-focused process automation and order handling for online marketplaces

  • Jorge
  • Libin
  • Jack
  • Austin
  • Mike
  • John
  • Ben
  • Anil
  • Dhwani
  • Sergio
  • Japjot
  • Tommy

Trambo – trambo.com

Trambo is a platform for creating engaging personal phone adventures, taking audio tours out of the museum and on to your mobile.

Trambo is the mobile “Not for Tourist” guide for the underground tourism scene, an “Etsy” for travel. Tours are generated by users in the marketplace: local tour guides, experts, and passionate city natives. Forgo the rigid structure and high price of formal tour operator and have the freedom to explore local tourist sites, learn interesting historical facts, discover hidden gems, and experience the city like a native. Create and participate in adventure games with friends, take off-the-beaten path tours, and enjoy local food, drink, and shopping from participating local businesses. Tour operators, go beyond your capacity and share your knowledge with Trambo in exchange for additional revenue and exposure for your tour business. With Trambo, you can use your mobile phone to localize and enrich your tourist experience and leave any city with unique memories to last a lifetime.


Predictive Analytics to Improve Sales Performance. 

SalesQualia provides immediate performance metrics on sales call quality. Sales figures are a lagging indicator of sales rep performance. For enterprise and long-cycle sales, it takes months for a manager to determine if a sales rep is performing well. Using text analytics and data mining technology, SalesQualia provides daily reporting tools on sales call quality, including prospect engagement metrics, questioning strategies, and competitive analysis.

Action Creations

Telemetry racing product called Action Meter

  • Demian Borba
  • Douglas Saisho

Fishbowl – www.fishbowl.me

  • @fishbowl_me

Network Smartly

Fishbowl is a tool for professional networkers to be able to network more effectively. This solution will streamline most painful pre-event, at-the-event and after-the-event activities and enable the users to make the best use of their time at the event.

We shall be doing trials by the end of February and would love to talk to networkers and event organizers to get a better feel of the pulse.

Troll Blocker

It’s ok to say, “I don’t like”

  • Brett Hardin
  • Chien Chang
  • Devang Patel
  • Finbarr Taylor
  • Alex Pinter

Nightingale Rx

Multiple medications made easy

  • Mary Sorber
  • Abhijit Solanki
  • Cliff Hurst
  • Diderik van Wirgerden


Real time chat about hashtags

  • James Chang
  • Zack Parker
  • Eyal Fishler
  • Devin Rhode
  • Shane Heath
  • Robbie Iannucci
  • Jayaram Prebtw Duvairaj
  • Sebastian Enderlein
  • Marco Helmich

Strategic CSR / Hello little future – http://facebook.com/strategic.csr

  • @strategic_csr

Connecting: Research, Business, Projects and People > CSR Magazine (Hello little future) > Strategic CSR consultancy

  • Karin Nordstrom


  • Alex Conrad

Simple Reviews

Simple Prolean reviews with aggregates of other review sites.

  • Abraham Antigua – @abeant
  • Ayori Selassie – @iayori



Gold Bricks

My St Fair

  • Ijeoma Nelson
  • Dez Udezue
  • Michael Kendrick


Tristan • Lean Startup & Customer Development